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Dallas NAACP calls Texas lottery racist

4:25 PM, Jun 29, 2012   |    comments
(AP file)
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DALLAS, Texas -- The Dallas Chapter of the NAACP voted unanimously this week to call for state officials to put an end to the Texas Lotto program.

The organization calls the lottery racist. Members of the group say the lottery is not putting enough money into public education in the state and says poor and minorities in Texas end up spending hard-earned money on lottery tickets instead of necessities like rent or health insurance.

"People with very little money are spending their money on the lottery," said Juanita Wallace, Dallas NAACP president said in a news story in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "This has been bothering us for a while."

Wallace says there's a belief that the lottery fails to fund public education adequately, and that many poor Texans are the ones buying the tickets.

"People oftentimes make decisions not in their best interests," Wallace said. "We have to look out for those people."

Democratic state senator Rodney Ellis said in the same Star-Telegram article that shutting the lottery down would be a bad move for the state, pointing out that if anything, there needs to be an effort to find more money for schools as opposed to removing sources.

The state's lottery commission is among a number of agencies that Texas is looking at removing to help the state to save money. State lawmakers will take a closer look at the list when they convene in 2013.



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