Heat wave wilts AC units

7:35 PM, Jul 2, 2012   |    comments
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Chad Shearer, outside his Tribute Lofts home, which lacked air conditioning in 100+ degree heat this weekend.

ATLANTA, GA -- This weekend showed how easily powerful and expensive air conditioners will wilt following a couple of hundred degree days.

"It was blowing out warm air," said Gloria Saunders, whose unit stopped working Sunday afternoon, as the thermometer passed a hundred degrees. 

Because Saunders had already scheduled maintenance on her system, a technician was in her driveway shortly after midday Monday.

"Usually, I'm greeted with 'thank God you're here,'" said John Nuesse of Moncrief Heating and Air. Nuesse said AC systems tend to wilt during heat waves "because they run so long. The older units particularly start to stress. 

You get stress on the compressor. You get stress on the capacitors when they're running that long." Nuesse replaced Saunders' busted capacitor for less than a hundred dollars.

Elle Duncan works in our newsroom. When her AC blew Saturday at her Midtown loft, she bought a portable unit as a stopgap.

"It's pretty much been a lifesaver. An expensive one but a lifesaver nonetheless," said Duncan.

Chad Shearer says his condo at Tribute Lofts in the Old 4th Ward has been mostly unlivable since his AC unit died Saturday.

"It stinks. And it's impossible to get a good night's sleep," Shearer said. When he called for help, he says answers stayed vague as contractors eyed the upcoming July 4 holiday. "As of right now, it could be the fifth or sixth, worst case scenario, when we could see anybody out here," Shearer said Monday at midday.

Later that day, Shearer reported he'd scheduled a repair for Tuesday July 3.

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