ChillSpot helps cool down dogs, even Uga

11:59 AM, Jul 3, 2012   |    comments
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  • ChillSpot keeps Russ, the stand-in for Uga, cool at the University of Georgia Spring Game.
  • Zoo Atlanta is using ChillSpot to keep the pandas and Sumatran tigers cool.
  • ChillSpot keeps dogs cool. It was created by two Atlanta entrepreneurs.
  • ChillSpot keeps dogs cool. It was created by two Atlanta entrepreneurs.

ATLANTA -- Even during the hottest of summer days, Bocce, a poodle-lab mix, never loses his cool.

Instead, he lounges on his ChillSpot, a cooling dog bed that his owner helped invent.

"It's really helping dogs stay safe and cool, and we're really proud of that," said Ken Leahy, co-founder of ChillSpot. 

Leahy and Mark Raeside are Clemson University grads who came up with the idea for ChillSpot two years ago.

They used sawed-off coolers for their first prototype and eventually came up with something they could really market.

"These are cell pods that slip in there," Raeside said as he demonstrated ChillSpot for 11Alive's Jennifer Leslie. "They go in your freezer each night. You slip them in, drop down the top and you have 55 degrees all day."

"Every other cooling dog bed on the market uses ambient temperatures to create its cool surface, maybe that's water or gel," Leahy added. "This uses a cooler to keep chill pods frozen underneath the top. They conduct against the top all day and keep a cold surface for your pet."

Leahy put ChillSpot to the test over the weekend, when temperatures in Atlanta hit a record high of 106. He used a heat gun and posted a video of the readings on YouTube.

"We climbed all the way to 66, which is a super cold surface, and Bocce got out for awhile to enjoy it," Leahy said. 

Bocce's not the only furry fan.

During the University of Georgia's Spring Game, Uga spent more time on his ChillSpot than inside his air-conditioned dog house. 

Leahy and Raeside even created a special version of ChillSpot for Zoo Atlanta to keep the pandas and the Sumatran Tigers cool.

"We never thought we'd help pandas and tigers," Leahy said. "We're happy helping dogs, and we're proud of that fact."

The ChillSpot costs $169. This is the product's first summer on the market. It's being sold online.

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