BLOG | I'm a Locavore: The Beginning

6:44 AM, Jul 3, 2012   |    comments
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I just started my day and I have 2,390 unread emails in my inbox right now. It's more than a flow of information; journalists at 11Alive manage the FLOOD every day. Some of them are junk mail (I'm so lucky, I keep winning the lottery!), but many are press releases and story ideas. Scan and keep or delete: it's a skill they don't teach you in journalism school.

I was scanning through the flood last week, when I found one that intrigued me: The Locavore Challenge. It's a pretty simple concept: for the month of July, commit to eat more local food. Eating local is trendy in Atlanta right now. Don't believe me? Visit some of the city's top restaurants and you'll see them touting local food or "farm-to-table" on their summer menus.

If you want me to grasp onto something, call it a challenge. I signed up to try to eat 90% of my food from local sources for the month of July. (Watch my 11Alive story here.)

I like the idea of eating local. I like looking into the eyes of the people that grow my food. I like being able to trace where it comes from. I like supporting small farms and the local economy by keeping my dollars here. Maybe most of all, I like the taste. But is it possible? And is it expensive? Has the movement grown big enough to make it convenient for a city-dweller to eat fresh and local every day?

It's a challenge I'm willing to take to explore the local food movement in Atlanta. I'll blog about it on through the month of July. Do you have ideas, suggestions, comments? E-mail me: and follow me on Twitter @JulieWolfe.

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