Easy fix eludes power outage problems in U.S.

2:01 AM, Jul 4, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON -- Utility crews have restored electricity to nearly two-thirds of the homes and businesses that lost power due to last weekend's deadly storms that swept from the Midwest to the Mid-Atlantic.

As of late Tuesday, power companies were reporting that 1.07 million customers remained without power. The wave of late Friday-evening storms caused hurricane-like damage as it knocked out power to 3 million customers from Indiana to Washington, D.C. Twenty-four deaths have been blamed on the storms, including a utility contractor who fell to his death on Monday in Garrett County, Md.

Utilities have warned that many neighborhoods could remain in the dark for much of the week, if not beyond.

The powerful wind storms, which toppled trees onto power lines and knocked out transmission towers and electrical substations, have renewed debate about whether to bury lines.

(Associated Press)

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