Watch yourself cross the AJC Peachtree Road Race finish line

7:31 PM, Jul 4, 2012   |    comments
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WXIA -- We put a camera at the end of the finish line of this year's race and recorded from the time the first wheelchair racer crossed until they closed the course.

Below are the times broken out into parts, with the time into the race listed by it.  The time is from the start of the wheelchair division through the final racers.

Click on the link and see yourself cross the finish line!

Part 1- 19 minutes to 31 minutes into race

Part 2- 33 minutes to 47 minutes into race

Part 3- 47 minutes to 1hr03min into race

Part 4- 1hr03 to 1hr25min into race

Part 5- 1hr25min to 1hr40min into race

Part 6- 1hr40min to 1hr59min into race

Part 7- 1hr59min to 2hr15min into race

Part 8- 2hr15min to 2hr30min into race

Part 9- 2hr30min to 2hr45min into race

Part 10- 2hr45min to 3hr04min into race

Part 11- 3hr04min to 3hr20min into race

Part 12- 3hr30min to 3hr36min into race

Part 13- 3hr36min to 3hr51min into race

Part 14- 3hr51min to 4hr12min into race 

Part 15- 4hr12min to end of race

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