FBI Atlanta heads needle in sandwich investigation

6:32 AM, Jul 18, 2012   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- It's one of the most watched stories around the world.

Sewing needles were found inside turkey sandwiches on Delta flights from Amsterdam to the United States.

Now, the Atlanta Bureau of the FBI is heading the investigation in the U.S., working with Dutch officials to find out where the needles came from.

The Atlanta Bureau of the FBI is leading the investigation because the planes targeted were from Delta Air Lines, which is based at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

The investigation centers on Amsterdam and sandwiches prepared by Gate Gourmet at Schiphol Airport.

The FBI is using its permanent agents who are stationed in Amsterdam to help with the investigation. The laws central to the investigation are the same ones used to convict terrorists -- interfering with a flight crew and crimes aboard an aircraft.

While the investigation gets into full swing, Delta is now requiring all in-flight caterers to increase already tight security and is replacing sandwiches with prepackaged pizza on flights from Amsterdam.

At Hartsfield-Jackson, where catering trucks are in constant motion between Gate Gourmet kitchens and Delta planes, no menu changes have been announced.

We went to Gate Gourmet at Hartsfield-Jackson to talk with officials and found tight security, with only key entry allowed.

We were allowed in but were granted no formal interviews.

The TSA is telling airlines flying from Amsterdam to carefully review security protocols, but says the needle incident "does not represent a threat to national security."

Although it does appear to be business as usual at Hartsfield-Jackson, the TSA says security inside Gate Gourmet and other vendors is tight and follows a very strict protocol.

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