T-SPLOST trash-talking

10:13 PM, Jul 25, 2012   |    comments
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ATLANTA, Ga. -- Debate over next Tuesday's transportation sales tax vote is getting hotter than Atlanta's sizzling summer temperatures.

And it's getting personal.

Wednesday the tension broke out into a full scale trash-talking contest between Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and DeKalb County NAACP head John Evans.

Both appeared, separately, on V-103's Frank and Wanda radio show.

First Evans, who opposes the tax and has even called it racist.

He was followed by Mayor Reed, who has become the main cheerleader for supporters in the last week of the campaign.

Things got pretty heated after Evans suggested some public officials may have been on the take to support the measure.

"We got so many top officials who are supporting the tax; we know that they're getting some parts of that money...we know it!" Evans claimed in his radio interview.

An angry Mayor Reed fired back during his later V-103 radio appearance.

"I think that if he's going to get on the radio and make those kind of false statements, talk trash to the people of Atlanta, he ought to do it while we're both sitting here on V," Reed told the radio hosts.

When 11 Alive News caught up with them later in the day, both were still pretty hot.

"He implied that I was bought off by the addition of the Atlanta Beltline, which is a personal insult to me," Reed told us.

"I didn't accuse him, I accused the leadership and if he's in the leadership, too bad," Evans countered.

"John Evans using the term 'bought off' is laughable," Reed responded, "He would know a good bit about that."

11 Alive twice asked Mayor Reed if that was a veiled reference to John Evans' federal bribery conviction when he was a DeKalb County Commissioner in the 1980's.

"I said what I said and I'll stand on my statement," Reed finally responded to our question.

"This is a tough game out here and we all have to play tough," Evans said when told about Reed's 'bought off' reply.

"If he wants to get into that, you know, type of discussion, we'll be glad to challenge him," Evans added.

Both men agreed to appear in a live debate on 11 Alive's 7 pm Wednesday news, "The Daily 11 at 7".

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