More advanced tech being used in track & field uniforms in London

12:19 AM, Jul 29, 2012   |    comments
  • Nike's Pro Turbospeed gear in Team USA colors
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ATLANTA - As in past years, Nike is at the forefront of the speed suits for Olympic track and field athletes this year.

Some of the gear looks more like it is straight out of a Hollywood science fiction blockbuster than from an athletic wear supplier.

Nike's Pro Turbospeed gear pulls together multiple areas of technology to create an aerodynamic suit that reduces drag around the athletes as they run. In addition, the material used in the suits are lightweight, but eliminate chafing around the edges of the garments and around the seams in the suits.

To go along with the gear, Nike has continued to expand on its long-running Zoom series of track spikes, creating multiple lines geared toward the unique needs of different athletes in different events. Nike says their Zoom Victory Elite spike, for example, was specifically designed for 1,500 meter racers, that provide the best traction for the athletes on the track.

The technology is not limited to American athletes, as athletes from Russia, Germany and China will also be using the Nike gear in London.

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