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Holyfield putting Olympic medal on auction block

5:36 AM, Aug 2, 2012   |    comments
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Holyfield tweeted that he's auctioning off his memorabilia because it should all be "in museums" and "not in my closets."

ATLANTA -- One of Atlanta's Olympic medalists from years past, Evander Holyfield, continues to deal with massive, personal debt, and he is about to auction off his medal.

Holyfield earned Bronze in boxing, in 1984.

He is putting the medal on the auction block in November, along with other keepsakes such as his professional championship rings -- he is boxing's only five-time heavyweight champion -- and the gloves he wore during his infamous match against Mike Tyson in 1997.

Holyfield is now in London for the Games.

And he writes on his Twitter account, @Holyfield, about the upcoming auction:

"My memorabilia should be n museums 2 be shared w/ the public and not in my closets where they cannot be enjoyed by all."

Evander Holyfield is a man who is irrepressibly optimistic.

In 2009, he gave 11Alive's Jaye Watson an on-camera tour of his Fayette County mansion -- he was evicted just last month -- showing her his trophy cases that included his Olympic medal.

He always fights, he said then, for better days ahead:

"You get through it if you don't quit. You just don't quit. Life is about -- you don't quit. If you quit, you'll be quitting the rest of your life."

This past Monday, Holyfield turned up in a Today Show news story from London -- for less than one-second -- as just a random, unidentified "sound bite" among the tourists.

He jokes on his Twitter account about the apparent slight: "There is no way the Today Show could've known who I was yesterday. I was in disguise. It was all in fun!"

He also tweeted some advice to those facing big problems in life: "Spend less time talking about how big ur problems are and remember that God is bigger than all of them!"

The auction is scheduled for November 30th with Julien's Auctions.

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