Columbus considers cremation for pauper burials

1:22 AM, Aug 2, 2012   |    comments
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COLUMBUS, Ga. -- A west Georgia city is considering a plan to cremate poor people to save space in a cemetery.

Columbus city officials want to start using cremation in as many indigent burials as possible.

The city's director of public services, Pat Biegler, told the city council Tuesday that the city buries about 81 indigent residents a year, costing taxpayers $350 per burial.

At that rate, officials say that in just over 12 years, the city will run out of room at Porterdale Cemetery, where indigent or "pauper" burials take place.

Officials say cremations would allow the city to bury three people per grave, extending the cemetery's life.

Biegler said families, if they can be contacted, would have to agree to cremation under the plan.


(Associated Press)

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