Mystery ends with outpouring of generosity for disabled 6-year-old

5:11 PM, Aug 4, 2012   |    comments
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WATKINSVILLE, Ga - A mystery surrounding the discovery of a prosthetic leg has been solved resulting in an outpouring of generosity for a disabled 6-year-old.

Blu Riggs has suffered multiple setbacks in his short life, but he is learning quickly that setbacks don't last.

"It can be frustrating having a child with special needs and things he needs are not provided," said Melissa Riggs, Blue's mother. "Then people come forward."

Last month, Watkinsville police were called to the scene of a prosthetic leg found on the side of Barnett Shoals Road. There were no markings or other markings to help them find the owner.

Police called it one of the most bizarre discoveries in the city's history.

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Meanwhile, Melissa Riggs was in a panic. She searched high and low for the prosthetic. Melissa had just moved to Georgia from Oregon. Because she had no television or internet, she had no idea police had the leg.

6-year-old Blu Riggs has Moebius Syndrome, a rare neurological disorder that twisted the child's foot so badly doctors had to amputate it. He has no muscle control in his face so he can't smile or speak. Blu is fed through a tube.

Melissa Riggs believes Blu's prosthetic leg was accidently left on the roof of their car. When they got it back it was cracked and unusable.

Melissa lacked the $5 thousand dollars needed to replace her son's prosthetic. She panicked, but not for long.

"That's been the most amazing thing to come out of this, the community showing an interest in someone they don't know," said Riggs.

A local prosthetic company has told Melissa Riggs they'll replace Blu's leg. Others have offered financial help.

This all comes just three months after the IPad Blu uses to communicate was stolen while he was still living in Oregon. An Apple store there replaced it.

All this to teach a 6-year-old that setbacks sometimes end with a lift.

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