High Museum exhibit shows art in the everyday

6:17 PM, Aug 11, 2012   |    comments
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Waitresses at the Silver Skilled visited the High Museum of Art to see their photo on display in "Picturing the South."

ATLANTA -- Regulars at the Silver Skillet on Atlanta's West Side are in for a surprise when they walk into the High Museum of Art.

Their favorite waitresses are pictured on the walls as part of a special exhibit called "Picturing the South." 

"I think sometimes we forget that art can be found in everyday life," said Brett Abbott, Curator of Photography at the High.

"Picturing the South" is a commissioned series at the High Museum of Art that started during the Atlanta Olympics as a way to show the South to the world.

It continues to bear creative fruit 12 years later. 

Martin Parr is one of three photographers selected for the High's latest show.

"He likes to photograph things that are everyday, things that you see all the time but never really look at," Abbott said. 

Neal Broffman is a documentary filmmaker who followed Parr for months to provide an inside look at his process.

Broffman was so impressed, he created a documentary: "Hot Spots: Martin Parr in the American South."

A few weeks ago, the waitresses at the Silver Skillet visited the High to see their photo.

"Some of them had never been to the High, so it was great," Abbott said. "It was fun for them to see themselves on the wall of a museum."

From the CDC to the Georgia Fair to the airport, it's all part of the exhibit, where it's ready to be rediscovered.

"It's exhilarating when you come in and realize that the things you look at every day can be full of inspiration," said Abbott. 

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