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Romney: Paul Ryan ready to become president

3:28 AM, Aug 13, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON -- Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney says Paul Ryan has the experience needed to become president.

Romney says he considered a number of people to be his running mate, but readiness to be president was the first and most important factor he considered.

He tells CBS' "60 Minutes" that Ryan has the judgment, character and capacity to become president if necessary.

Romney announced Saturday that he had picked the 42-year-old Wisconsin congressman to be his vice presidential candidate. Ryan has served in Congress for 14 years.

Romney says he was attracted to Paul Ryan because of his passion for making a difference. Romney says he was intrigued by Ryan and was inclined to choose him as running mate for some time, but kept his mind open. 

Ryan says he and Romney share the same values, and the congressman says he has the kind of experience that complements Romney's skills.

Ryan says he wants to help Romney carry out a vision to help Americans get jobs and get the country back on track.

Romney says he's running on his budget proposals, not the more controversial plan authored by his running mate.

Romney is pushing back against Democrats who say that by picking  Ryan as his vice presidential candidate, he is embracing the congressman's austere budget. Ryan's long-term budget calls for more than $5 trillion in spending cuts, including an overhaul of Medicare.

Romney has proposed broad but largely unspecified cuts in federal spending. Romney's Medicare plans call for providing "generous" but undetermined subsidies to help future retirees buy private insurance, or let them have the option of traditional Medicare.


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