Former Red and Black Editor-in-Chief Speaks Out

9:17 PM, Aug 16, 2012   |    comments
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Red and Dead (Courtesy of Red and Dead online)

ATLANTA -- "It was a student run publication, for the students by the students," says Chelsea Cook. Cook, a producer on 11 Alive's help desk, is a UGA grad who worked at the Red and Black for four years. In 2010 she was Editor-in-Chief.

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She says students worked until midnight putting the paper together. "We took the photos, wrote the stories, edited the pages, and put the paper to bed, sent it to the press every night."

And Cook says when mistakes were made, students took full blame.

"If there was a mistake made the next day, that was on us, and we had to suffer the repercussions of publishing a correction or making a public apology or meeting with President Michael Adams."

Cook says she learned everything she knows about journalism from her years at the paper and that she is heartbroken by what happened yesterday.

"I think I probably would have walked out as well. I stand by the students in their decision.

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