Deployed Atlanta troops will aid drawdown

7:48 AM, Aug 20, 2012   |    comments
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EAST POINT, Ga. -- Even as the U.S. prepares to bring its troops home from Afghanistan, it still has to send some there to make sure that drawdown happens smoothly. The 335th Signal Command has been continually deployed since 9/11, but now their mission will shift toward bringing everyone back.

"You're talking about operating bases that are spread out all over; now you'll be consolidating them, all those people are going to larger bases will need [communications,]" said Maj. Daryle Sewell.

Sunday morning, the Army reserve unit in East Point said goodbye to their families as they headed off to Kuwait and Afghanistan for nine months. They'll be in charge of building and maintaining a variety of satellite, e-mail, and radio networks used by deployed troops to talk to each other and their families back home.

Some families said going through multiple deployments made the process a little easier to bear; others disagreed.

"You count the days until you get back home," said Sgt. Praileau Young. "As long as you complete the mission."

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