Lake residents in Smyrna left high and dry

8:32 AM, Aug 21, 2012   |    comments
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SMYRNA, Ga. -- One of the things Maya Speights and her husband loved most about their home next to Laurel Lake in Smyrna was the proximity of fishing and all of the wildlife out their backdoor.

"We had a nice pooled area of clean water. We had ducks back here along with loons, blueherons and frogs we would hear at night," said Speights.

Not now.  

An area that was once covered with water deep enough to canoe in was suddenly drained when a beaver dam was broken nearby.

It is unclear who dismantled the beaver dam or why.

"It looks like a third world country back there now. There's just mud and silt, and it smells," said Speights.

Speights' next door neighbor John Pastor is just as devastated.  

"That beaver dam backed up to my property and created a great fish habitat and a beautiful place for the birds.  Now I look at a giant mud hole and I'm worried it is a breeding ground for mosquitos and West Nile disease," said Pastor.

11Alive News has learned answers as to who destroyed the beaver dam and what may lie with a group called The Lake Laurel Club.

According to Cobb County, the private, members only club owns the lake and manages it.

11Alive News has made several attempts via e-mail and the phone to ask the club president if members were ever formally notified of the demolition and what exactly happened to the beavers.

Some residents told 11Alive News they heard the beavers were going to be trapped and taken away because of complaints that the dam was backing up too much water into some folks' yards.

Speights and Pastor loved the natually made waterway and wonder why they weren't at least consulted about the plans.

"It is sad. I don't get happy looking outside anymore," said Speights. 

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