Family defends man charged with pregnant daughter's murder

7:02 PM, Aug 20, 2012   |    comments
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LOCUST GROVE, Ga. -- A Henry County family is trying to cope with their daughter's death no matter how it happened. Meghan Pope was 27 years old, and four months pregnant. Her father Lawrence said they'd just found out she was carrying his granddaughter.

"She told me I was going to put a baby bed in my office to take care of that little girl," Pope said.

According to Henry County police, there's no question about what took place. They said Brian Feltman ran down his pregnant girlfriend early Sunday morning and killed her on their neighborhood street. Major Jason Bolton said it happened after Feltman had been drinking at a party, and got into an argument with Meghann Pope. According to witnesses and collected evidence, when she started walking away, he allegedly chased her down in his truck and hit her.

"I wanted to lie where she laid, I wanted to walk the walk she did in her last 40 minutes," said Meghann's father Lawrence Pope of why he returned to the scene of his daughter's death.

Pope disagrees with the official version of the story. He's been speaking to Feltman and neighbors who live near the scene of the wreck. He said there's no way his daughter was murdered.

"An accident happened here," Pope said. "She's no longer with us, but there's no reason to take out our revenge on [Feltman] or his family."

The Pope family isn't alone on their theory. Several neighbors who gathered at the memorial to Pope on the curb of their neighborhood said the same thing. They said it happened on a dark and dangerous curve they all know well. They were expecting someone would eventually be hurt there. And several who came to try to help Pope that morning said they trusted Feltman didn't want to hurt her.

"He stayed with her, telling her he loved her, his demeanor never changed," said Kathy Powers of Feltman after he hit Pope. She said she prayed with Pope before she died. "There was just nothing malicious in [Feltman's] voice, I just felt it, I think it was an accident."

Lawrence Pope said even if there was an argument, and even if Feltman was impaired, he didn't mean to kill Meghann.

Major Bolton said the police have more evidence than just the fact that Feltman had been drinking before the argument. But they declined to tip their hand, and said the evidence would have to come out in court.

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