PARKatlanta responds to your complaints

7:04 PM, Aug 27, 2012   |    comments
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ATLANTA - 11Alive viewers are making a difference! Some of you  were upset by what appeared to be a double standard for PARKatlanta. We received your photos showing PARKatlanta vehicles that appeared to be parked illegally, including blocking a fire hydrant.  PARKatlanta has responded.

You can see our complete Parking Protest coverage and sign the bill of rights by clicking here.

"By no means is it acceptable," said the head of PARKaltanta Anderson Moore, adding,"We are not above the law and we want to be a role model, if you will, of how to park and behavior that should be displayed out there rather than an example of what not to do."

Moore says he will review best practices with his employees and under no circumstances is it okay to break the law. He also told 11Alive News that seven PARKatlanta enforcement officers have been taken out of their vehicles to patrol the beat by foot.

Anderson hopes that will help improve public relations to better educate the parking public about the job that PARKatlanta is supposed to do.

"We're putting them on the street, so there's more of a personal touch with the interactions they have with the public," he said.

On Wednesday, Atlanta City Council's Transportation Committee will review the 11Alive Parking Bill of Rights to help improve the parking situation in Atlanta and to address your concerns with PARKatlanta.

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