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Calculate Your Gas Expenses

2:42 PM, Sep 5, 2012   |    comments
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Gas prices have been creeping up for weeks, but they spiked on Wednesday.
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How much will your Labor Day getaway cost you in gasoline?  

With prices hovering around the $4 mark, many families could end up spending more than they budgeted for on trips out of town.

The American Automobile Association has a calculator on its website that allows motorists to figure out how much a trip will cost.   Enter in your starting and ending destination, the make and year of your car and receive an instant estimate.

We calculated the cost of five different road trips from Atlanta for someone driving a 2005 Ford Taurus, which gets about 20 miles per gallon.

Here are the estimates:

Orlando:  $167

Myrtle Beach $134

Destin $123

Savannah $94

Chattanooga $30. 

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