Historic Buckhead mansion slated for demolition

10:47 AM, Sep 5, 2012   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- "Buckhead was lined with houses just like this," Wright Mitchell, an Atlanta native and president of Buckhead Heritage, said of the house that sits in front of 2500 Peachtree. He said it used to be one of many grand homes that lined the road.

When the Georgian mansion was built in 1924 for Thomas Jefferson's great great grandson Hollins Randolph, Peachtree Road was residential. Those days are long gone.

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Fourteen years ago, the house was saved from the wrecking ball when the builder of the 2500 Peachtree condos agreed to move the 1 million pound house 40 feet.

"The developer and the condo association entered into an agreement with the neighborhood groups and the preservationists, to preserve and maintain the house," Mitchell said. 

However because of some rezoning legislation, the agreement could not be enforced, and since 2006, the condo association has tried to get the house torn down. So far, the efforts have failed, but it looks like the association may now win.

"The chances that they'll be able to get a demolition permit are very good," Mitchell said. 

So he is trying to find the home, a new home.

"They tell us that the house can be moved pretty much anywhere in Atlanta as long as they can get down the access roads," he said.

Hercules House Movers, who moved the house the first time, estimates the cost of a move at $350,000. The house, is free. The buyer must provide a lot, and a new foundation, and some upgrades.

Once the association obtains a demolition permit, Mitchell said they will have 120 days to find the house a new home, or it will be demolished.

Whether it's used as a public place or a private home, Mitchell just wants it saved, wants this piece of the past to escape the sometimes destructive path of progress.

Anyone interested in taking the house should contact www.buckheadheritage.com

"It really is an opportunity to own a piece of Atlanta history," Mitchell said.

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