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6 signs your boss may hate you

11:00 AM, Sep 6, 2012   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Ever wonder what your boss thinks about you?

Men's Health is out with six signs your boss might hate you.

1. He/she doesn't move his coffee cup when you sit down.

Experts say if your boss respects you, he/she won't want anything between you when you're sitting across a table. He/she will unconsciously move his/her cell phone, coffee cup, or pen to the side.

2. He/she dosen't seek you out.

If your boss calls, texts and stops by your cube often, that's a good sign. Same goes if he/she sends you a lot of emails without copying others.

3. His/her gestures seem mismatched.

Experts say if your boss's hand motions don't match what he/she is saying, he/she could be trying to cover something.

4. His/her tone shifts mid-sentence.

Experts say a pitch change means he/she may be stretching the truth. Most people speak steadily.

5. He/she hides his/her hands.

If your boss trusts you, he/she will keep his/her hands on the desk. You can use this trick to assess how a job interview is going as well.

6. He won't stand beside you.

This one is specific to male bosses. If he likes you, he'll be willing to stand by your side to talk.

Men's Health magazine based its signs on a study from Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.

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