5 more charged in Ft. Stewart militia plot

11:15 PM, Sep 11, 2012   |    comments
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Fort Stewart (File Photo)

LIBERTY COUNTY, Ga. -- Five more people have been indicted in connection with an alleged militia group that was made up of active duty and former soldiers from Fort Stewart.

The group FEAR, for Forever Enduring, Always Ready, was uncovered after the arrest of four soldiers who were charged with a double murder not far from the base.

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Prosecutors said the militia group believed the government needed to be overthrown. They said they were amassing weapons and bombs to carry out plots to bomb monuments and kill public officials, including the President of the United States.

The militia plot came to light a couple of weeks ago when Private Michael Burnett agreed to testify against three other men in a double murder plot. "It started out just going out and shooting guns, just guy stuff and then he introduced me to the manuscript (which) is what he called it." Pvt. Burnett said in court.

Burnett was referring to Private Isaac Aguigui, the so called leader of the anarchist group and militia, according to prosecutors. Sgt. Anthony Peden and Pvt. Christopher Salmon were also charged in the double murder.

Prosecutor Isabel Pauley said the four soldiers were members of FEAR, which was made up of active duty military and former military. She said the total number of members was unknown. "Defendant Aguigui actively recruited new members at Fort Stewart and targeted soldiers who were in trouble or disillusioned," she said.

It is still unknown how many members belonged to the alleged militia even after the indictments of five more people.

Christopher Jenderseck, who was released from the Army in April, was charged with three violations of the Street Gang Terrorism Act and two counts of tampering with evidence in the double murder. The indictment said he destroyed clothing, spent shot gun shells, and a cell phone.

Adam Dearman, a former soldier, was charged with six counts of violating the Street Gang Terrorism Act.

Randall Dearman, who was apparently never in the Army, faces multiple counts of burglary, auto theft and violations of the Street Gang Terrorism Act.

Two other former soldiers, Timothy Joiner and Anthony Garner, are still being sought by authorities.

Prosecutors said they are all tied to the group FEAR, which goes back to the murder of former soldier Michael Roark and his 17-year-old girlfriend Tiffany York.

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