The Help Desk solve an $833 issue with the DeKalb Water Department

8:35 PM, Sep 13, 2012   |    comments
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DORAVILLE, Ga. -- The 11Alive Help Desk is taking up and issue with a Dekalb County water bill that is 'off the charts.'

For Susan Chin, it was a shocker. 

She's around 80-years-old and is about to sell her house and move into a senior citizens complex and she wanted her final water bill. 

Over the past six months, the bills have been consistently averaged in the $21 to $25 range. But when she got her final statement -- it blew her away. The bill was $832.66. 

Chin didn't understand it. 

She says DeKalb Water insisted the meter and the readings were accurate. But she and her neighbors spent hours checking the readings and what little water was being used the house and they could not figure it out. 

Ms Chin contacted the DeKalb Water Department but says she hit a dead end.

So the 11Alive Help Desk stepped in and gave her a hand.`  

We contacted DeKalb County and wanted an immediate adjustment to the bill. 

The DeKalb Water Department admitted that the meter was broken and the Chin's bills were based on meter readings that were inaccurate and dating back more than a year. So, we asked for a realistic adjustment. 

And now, Chin owes DeKalb Water only $23.49. 

She closes on her home next week.

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