Paid time off for Botox?

11:31 AM, Sep 19, 2012   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Many of us are lucky to get any paid time off from work, but some countries take employee benefits to the extreme.

According to recently released Worldwide Benefit and Employment Guidelines from the human resource company Mercer, workers in Portugal get 14 mandatory public holidays. On top of that, they get 15 paid days off when they get married and up to 30 days off to care for kids or grandchildren.

In China, workers only get at least three days off for wedding leave, but they can get more if the bride and groom have reached the "mature" ages of 23 and 25 respectively.

In France, employees that have been with a company for at least two years can take a year off to start their own businesses. The time is unpaid, but if the start-up fails, the workers can return to their old jobs or other positions with similar pay guaranteed.

In Nigeria, non-financial benefits like getting free power for your home are key.

Mercer credits the Daily Mail newspaper with reports of Britons getting "Botox leave." That's time off for a range of beauty services ranging from hair appointments to cosmetic surgery.

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