Wells Fargo holds event to help homeowners, few attend

9:16 AM, Sep 20, 2012   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Remember when long lines wrapped around entire downtown buildings as thousands of metro Atlanta homeowners waited to plead their case to a bank and save their homes.

A similar event took place on Wednesday with Wells Fargo, a bank that holds more mortgages in Atlanta metro than any other financial institution.

On Wednesday and Thursday they are holding a financial workshop for people behind on their payments to save their homes.

Nine-thousand invitations were sent out to those behind in their notes. And guess how many showed up? Roughly 230.

The Georgia World Congress Center was deserted, a mammoth exhibition hall populated only by Wells Fargo employees late Wednesday afternoon.

"When I came in I was really surprised, I thought I would see people everywhere," said Faith Keith.

Keith works in the financial sector and is five months behind on her mortgage payment.

"There is a sense of hopelessness, when you get so far behind," she said. "You feel hopeless. I can't make up those thousands of dollars."

But now, she will get a chance. Ms. Keith's monthly note was trimmed at the workshop event. She will stay in her home.

Hugh Rowden is a Senior Vice President and Regional Servicing Director for Wells Fargo, "We've forgiven over $5 billion in principal since 2009 on loans that we own."

The mortgage principal forgiveness means the world to a downtown business owner struggling with down times.

Soung Young Dennis has a hair styling shop and lives in Lawrenceville. She is behind on her house payment. Wells Fargo knocked $20,000 off her principal.

Dennis said, "They help alot -- the way they take off the principal."

Wells Fargo has conducted 75 of these workshops around America.

It is hard to understand why the other 8,800 homeowners have stayed away, because the next move could be out of their homes in foreclosure.

The event continues Thursday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Georgia World Congress Center. All Wells Fargo customers who are struggling with their mortgages are now invited to attend.

You'll need to take along two months of bank statements, if you are employed, bring a couple of pay stubs, and if you have tax information that will help the process too.

For more information call 1-800-405-8067. 

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