Remarkable rescue required? Call Station 24

12:31 PM, Sep 21, 2012   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- For firefighters, there are times when a hose and ladder just won't cut it. In Gwinnett County, that's when you call Station 24. 

"We carry equipment you don't normally see on a fire truck," said driver/engineer James King. "And we have skills that aren't normally practiced at a regular fire station." 

And on Thursday for King that meant stabilizing an injured tree cutter with a cervical spine harness hanging from a rope 50-feet in the air. 

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"You have to just concentrate on the job at hand and concentrate on what's straight in front of you; not necessarily what's above or below you," said King. "You have to keep your mind focused on what you're doing, and I just focused on one step at a time until I got to the top and where he was." 

In addition to the fire trucks, when Station 24 is on the scene, you will find a big red trailer. That's where the life-saving tools reserved for catastrophes are kept. 

"We practice here almost every shift on one of the disciplines," said King. "Whether it's rope rescue, confined space/trench rescue, hazmat, or structural collapse." 

But the most important tool in the box is not a tool at all. It's the trust that the team puts in each other. 

"I don't worry about my safety because I know the ground crew that backs me up the whole way with the belay (rope)," King said. "They had me the whole way."

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