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Jacked up prices on Jack-O-Lanterns

9:35 PM, Sep 24, 2012   |    comments
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Pumpkins are an essential part of Fall, and especially Halloween, but this year the bigger ones might be hard to come by, or they're going to cost you.

The drought has caused many pumpkin crops to be much smaller than they normally would be, meaning that the picking season has been delayed a bit to account for that slow growth.

However, Berry Patch Farms in Woodstock said that thanks to their large irrigation system, they were able to save much of their pumpkin crop. However, other smaller farms in Georgia who do not have the elaborate irrigation systems definitely saw an impact from the drought.

The only saving grace is that many local farms saw rain at a key moment in their growing cycle, but the drought still slowed them down.

Because states like Michigan fared much better, there won't be a huge shortage for pumpkins in general. But since states like Missouri, South Dakota, New York, and Iowa lost the majority of their pumpkin crops, you may end up paying a bit more for the nice, large ones because of the shortage across the country.

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