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Cleveland bus driver uppercuts unruly passenger

12:14 AM, Oct 13, 2012   |    comments
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(WXIA) -- You could call it the "punch heard round the world." 

It happened in Beachwood, Ohio and the video ended up online with 5-million views and counting in just one day.  A fed-up male bus driver decks an unruly female passenger, after an angry exchange in which the woman pushed the driver and reportedly spit on him.

You could tell by the cell-phone cameras at the ready that the Passengers on bus Number 5 knew that something bad was about to happen between the driver Artis Hughes and passenger Shi'dea Lane. 

They could not have been more right. 

After knocking Lane to the floor with a merciless uppercut, Hughes drags her off the bus. Remarkably, the 25-year-old woman gets back on the bus and is immediately put into a headlock by the driver. 

It is a disturbing display of violence that has shocked just about everyone who's seen it. 

Reporter Dave Summers covered the story for WKYC, our sister station in Cleveland. He reports that neither Hughes nor Lane have filed any charges against each other.  His report is here.
However, the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority says Hughes, a 22-year veteran, has been suspended without pay while the investigation continues.

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