Obama's face covered at polling place after court order

4:25 PM, Nov 6, 2012   |    comments
  • A mural depicting President Obama at a Philadelphia polling place (WCAU)
  • After a court order that said the mural should be covered, three sheets of paper were placed over Obama's face (WCAU)
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PHILADELPHIA (WCAU) -- A mural appearing on the wall of a Northeast Philadelphia school is making national news this Election Day.

The uproar started when upset voters began circulating pictures via social media after voting at Ben Franklin Elementary School this morning.

The Republican Party quickly took action, filing a lawsuit that claimed illegal electioneering. The Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason issued this statement on PAGOP.ORG.

"Whether it's blocking Republican Election Day workers form doing their job or violating Pennsylvania law by electioneering in the polling place, it is clear the Obama campaign has taken their campaign in the gutter to manipulate this election however they can. Based on the Obama campaign's behavior today, it certainly raises the question: what are Democrats doing in the polls that they are working so hard to shield folks from monitoring this election?"

Judge Milton Younge, Jr. of the Court of Common Pleas ordered that the mural be covered for the rest of election day with "blank paper or similar material" so that the mural is not visible, according to Pete Williams, NBC News.

As of 2 p.m. Tuesday, the mural was not entirely covered. Philadelphia NBC station WCAU had a crew on the scene that snapped a picture, showing three sheets of paper covering the President's face.


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(WCAU Philadelphia)

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