Man hospitalized after hiccuping 8 days straight

11:46 AM, Nov 15, 2012   |    comments
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Mick Cheney has been miserable.

PORTLAND, Maine -- We all have our own remedies for getting rid of the hiccups, but what happens when none of them work?

Micky Cheney has had the hiccups for 8 days straight.

"It's been miserable, I don't hold food down, I don't sleep that well unless I get a sleeping aid to help knock me out to sleep," Micky said.

His wife Keri finally convinced him to go to Maine Medical Center on Friday; he's been there since going through a number of different tests and medications.

Dr. Steve Hess says a hiccup is so complicated on its own that it can be difficult to figure out exactly what's causing it to continue this way. He says in Micky's case, it appears to be brought on by esophagitis - or bad heartburn.

Dr. Hess says because Micky's hiccups have made him nauseous, acid will continue to burn his esophagus, therefore continuing the hiccups.

He says their plan of treatment is to sedate Micky enough to slow his hiccuping down, while treating his heartburn, the way they would treat an ulcer. Dr. Hess says his hiccups should be gone within a few days.

Dr. Hess says any number of things can lead to persistent hiccups, for more information on the issue, see the National Institutes of Health.

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