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Mysterious gunshots rock neighborhood

7:41 AM, Nov 16, 2012   |    comments
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  • ATLANTA -- It's a mystery. More than 40 gunshots were fired in an Atlanta neighborhood Tuesday night and no one knows what happened.

    The gunshots were heard at around 11:15 p.m., and several residents in Grant Park, Peoplestown and Summerhill called 911.

    "We got around seven calls about shots fired," Atlanta Police Officer John Chafee said.

    The rapid fired gunshots that sounded like they came from several guns were heard on one resident's security camera system.

    Grant Park resident Katie Christof said she has heard gunshots before, but never this many.

    "It sounded like it was very close," she said. "I woke up to hear a lot of shots that sounded like gunshots and I called 911 and reported it."

    The gunfire has been lighting up online neighborhood message boards with discussions and guesses about what could have happened.

    "I didn't hear anything else," Christof said. "I didn't hear any voices or any cars, there was no shouting."

    Christine Sutton said she was also surprised by the number of shots fired.

    "Obviously you don't want any shots, but that many, it makes you stop and wonder what's going on," she said.

    Atlanta Police sent patrol cars into the neighborhoods after receiving the 911 calls.

    "They checked the area and no victim was found, no damaged property was found and the officer didn't locate anything," Chafee said.

    "There were quite a few shots fired and for no damage and no person injured, it does seem somewhat unique," he added. "If they were shooting in the air it's very concerning because those bullets are going to come down at some point somewhere."

    Police are asking anyone who knows what happened to call Crime Stoppers Atlanta at 404-577-TIPS (8477).

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