Jill Kelley accompanied General John Allen on military flight to DC

11:56 AM, Nov 16, 2012   |    comments
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Jill Kelley, identified as the woman who allegedly received harassing emails from Paula Broadwell, biographer of David Petraeus

Tampa, Florida -- WTSP (Gannett) has learned Tampa socialite Jill Kelley accompanied General John Allen on a military flight from MacDill AFB in Tampa to Washington, DC on at least one occasion.

Three sources have confirmed Kelley was an invited guest of General Allen.

A range of planes fly from MacDill Air Force Base. Its bread and butter duty is handling KC-135 refueling jets. You'll also spot the weather-watching Hurricane Hunters.

Many generals and admirals work at the South Tampa base, and the stars on their shoulders mean they merit special aviation attention.

Top officers have access to VIP planes like the C-40, a modified Boeing 737. It's a mini Air Force One with special communications gear.

There's also a modified corporate jet, the C-37A, reserved for high-level officers.

10 News has learned that Jill Kelley not only had MacDill's top brass over to her house for parties and replying to her emails, but she flew with them on board a U.S. Central Command plane from Tampa to Washington, DC.

Through three sources, we've confirmed Kelley was a guest of General John Allen on a flight.

We're told generals are allowed to invite civilian guests on board the plane and no violation of the rules occurred.

Kelley also leapt out of a military plane as a guest of U.S. Special Operations Command.

Two years ago, she went skydiving with the Para-Commandos parachute demonstration team, which operates out of MacDill.

The jump -- done in tandem with an experienced skydiver -- was part of a community outreach program to celebrities, athletes, and the media.

10 News has requested flight records to see whether Kelley is listed as a passenger on other flights with top military brass leaving from the VIP Air Terminal at MacDill.

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