Preschooler ships Halloween candy to troops

6:54 PM, Nov 16, 2012   |    comments
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Atlanta, Ga. -- If you are having trouble eating all that Halloween candy, here's an idea: ship it to deployed soldiers.

A four-year-old at Parkside Elementary in Grant Park has already started. Jason Zgonc has been bundling up his classmate's Halloween candy and is getting ready to send it overseas over Thanksgiving break. His mom Karen says she got the idea from a magazine.

"So I went ahead and said, 'Let's go through our Halloween candy and we can send some to the soldiers' and he said, 'What about my friends, are they going to send some too?'" Zgonc said.

She said Jason ran with the idea, partly because his dad is a Navy veteran. When she told his classmates' parents about the idea, they were excited too, and sent their children to school with extra candy and notes to the troops. They'll be delivered to a list of Air Force soldiers prepared by a friend of the Zgoncs. They're concentrating on soldiers who may not be accustomed to receiving mail.

Zgonc said it was a great way to express the meaning of Thanksgiving to those serving overseas.

"We hope it'll be a continuing, ongoing way for him to say thanks," Zgonc said. "The younger you start, the better."

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