Drivers pay more for gas, but can still give thanks

8:56 AM, Nov 22, 2012   |    comments
(Miguel Villagran/Getty Images)
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ATLANTA -- As drivers put a lot of miles on their cars during Thanksgiving, they're paying more at the pump than a year ago -- but they still have reason to be thankful.

Prices in many parts of the country have fallen recently, and AAA says gas prices could finish the year lower than where they started.

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The national average today is $3.43, down 44 cents from mid-September but still 8 cents higher than a year ago.

Because the price was so high for so much of the year, Americans are likely to spend a record amount for gas by year's end. The Oil Price Information Service estimates that Americans will spend about $483 billion on fuel this year, topping last year's record of $474 billion.

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