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Church helps struggling homeowners

4:06 PM, Dec 1, 2012   |    comments
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Grayson-- When you think of a place to go for mortgage help, your church may not be foremost on your mind. But Hopewell North East Missionary Baptist Church in Grayson is hoping to change that. They brought in a group of counselors to introduce members of their community to the Homesafe Program.

"We think, 'If I'm sick I go to a physician, if I need an attorney I go to the law offices, but when I'm dealing with my home for some reason we try to do it all on our own," said Xeron Pledger of the non-profit D & E Group.

The program is intended to provide a lifeline to unemployed or underemployed homeowners struggling to keep up with their mortgage payments while they are job searching. That's what Tara Walker is hoping for. She just took charge of raising a seven-month-old after the child's mother was having trouble. Recently laid off, she said she could use the help being offered Saturday.

"She's requiring a lot of time right now, so I really need to find a good secure job so I can take care of her," Walker said. "I hope that I would get it because it would help me out a lot."

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