Atlanta Census Bureau office to remain open amidst six closings

5:07 PM, Dec 27, 2012   |    comments
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(ATLANTA BUSINESS CHRONICLE) -- The U.S Census Bureau's realignment of field offices across the nation for the first time in 50 years will be completed by January 2013 and includes closing offices in six cities.

Offices are closing in Boston, Charlotte, Dallas, Detroit, Kansas City and Seattle. Approximately 270 permanent positions were cut as a result of the closings. About 88 of the permanent affected employees have been placed into positions at Census Bureau headquarters or in one of the six remaining regional offices, while others were offered buyout and early retirement options.

The new structure redistributes responsibilities to the remaining offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia.

According to the Census Bureau, with the new six-region design, about 630 supervisory staff will work out of their homes, "providing more efficient data collection in more locations."

According to a Census Bureau statement: Staff at the Census Bureau's regional offices collect data for surveys, update geographic features important to the Bureau, disseminate statistics created from the data collection and serve as contacts for local media and local organizations to improve participation in censuses and surveys.

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