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14 cameras, but no trash dumping caught

7:55 PM, Jan 3, 2013   |    comments
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CUMMING, GA -- Is there anything that would drive you to install 14 security cameras around your house? How about someone dumping about 50 bags of food waste, one with human waste, all over your street? In Cumming, Belinda Zalinski said she's at her wit's end.

"I went to pick it up and this material was already leaking out of it and was all over the grass," Zalinski said of the first few bags dropped. "It's beyond gross. The smell is so disgusting."

She said at one point, buzzards would wait near her street for more bags to show up. She called Forsyth County Code Enforcement, but without evidence of a car tied to the drop, there wasn't much they could do beyond cleaning up the mess.

So Zalinski and her husband bought the cameras. They installed ten hidden cameras, and four visible. Over the next six months, dozens of bags were still thrown all along her street, but she never caught it on a clear video. She has her suspicion about a particular car, though.

"The last picture I have of his vehicle he's now tinted his windows," Zalinski said. She said she even saw him once when she was standing out in her yard early one morning. "He came through pretty fast which he normally doesn't do, and he threw it out the window," she said.

Forsyth County Code Enforcement has waited near her house on several mornings trying to catch the man dumping trash, but have not yet had any luck.

"As of yet we've been unable to find anything identifiable or conclusive," said county spokesperson Jodi Gardner. "So we've got an open case on it we'll continue to investigate it and find a resolution."

Meanwhile Zalinski's neighbors are cheering on the retired landscape architect.

"It's great, I love her," said Denise Hupp. "I want him caught so it will stop first of all, and then second, so we can find out who would do this."

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