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Trash piles up at SW Atlanta apartment complex for weeks

7:47 AM, Jan 9, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- It's an upscale apartment complex in Southwest Atlanta, touting its "high end" features and "ultimate allure."

Nowhere, does it say your apartment unit will be surrounded by a mountain of garbage inhabited by big rats and coyotes. Residents say the trash has been piling up since Thanksgiving.

11Alive News received an email Tuesday from a daughter concerned about her mother who is living inside the Westchase Park Apartments in SW Atlanta. There is a growing health concern at the complex. The rotting stench doesn't exactly beckon on a winter's day.

At first glance it does look like a nice place to live.

But the closer you look inside the gated parking lot, you will see a disgusting growing pile of garbarge that smells as bad as it looks.

Marcia Biggs has complained for weeks to management, and she says it does no good.

"It will sit here until the middle of the month, and they'll move it again and it will pile up in the middle of February."

The pile is in two categories: Mountain A has rotting foodstuffs, diapers and leaking plastic bags. And Mountain B is old sofas and Christmas trees. And of course when garbage sits, it draws a crowd.

Biggs said Wharf Rats can be seen crawling around, "and other rodents too."

Residents now roll up in their cars and just toss their trash. It's become a sort of drive through window.

Patricia Dukes' daughter lives over the pile

"This is not the way we want to live, this is not the way to live," she said. "I'm paying to live here, so I should live here like I'm paying to live here."

11Alive News attempted to contact management on the premise and corporately. We did not hear back.

"My grandson doesn't come out to play anymore," Biggs said. "I will be moving very soon."

One resident who didn't want to appear on camera told us she started a petition but no one wanted to sign for fear of the management there.

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