Rise Up...And buy tickets!

8:02 PM, Jan 18, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Falcons fans may be "rising up," but not enough to buy up all the tickets a few days before the city's first home NFC Championship game. Ticket resellers like Front Row Seats LLc say it's surprising to see over 3000 tickets up for sale less than 48 hours before the game starts.

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"You know they may rise up for tailgating or from the sports bars, but they are not true supporters of the Atlanta Falcons," said manager Ariel Booker.

Booker has had her ticket for awhile, and pointed out that the AFC Championship between the Patriots and Ravens only had a few hundred tickets still available. She said that's either because 49er fans aren't traveling, Falcons fans don't know how to take advantage of a good deal, or they're waiting until the last minute to do it.

Jeff Brawand is looking forward to attending Sunday's game as well, but needed to unload some extra season tickets on Craigslist. He figured they'd sell pretty quickly, but is now just hoping to get his money back. He attributes the high ticket availability to a lack of faith.

"I think people are just a little more skeptical, but hopefully we'll see a game in a couple weeks here in the super bowl," Brawand said. "These fans need to rise up out of that couch and buy a ticket."

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