Missing Atlanta blogger's twin pleads: 'Let us know you're OK'

12:27 PM, Jan 28, 2013   |    comments
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HOUSTON, Texas -- The twin sister of a missing Atlanta woman looked into a news camera Sunday night and pleaded with her sister to call.

"Everyone just wants to know that you're OK," Catherine Erickson said.

Her sister, Victoria Moon Erickson, 31, vanished Jan. 21 while travelling through Houston. 

Catherine said during a news interview that Vicky may have just wanted to get away, to be alone.

That wouldn't be unusual, she said.

But she said Vicky has never left without telling anyone.

Police in Houston are not ruling out kidnapping.

Vicky had been travelling the country on a personal adventure, and writing her blog, called "Permission to Heal."

"It's not unlike her to want to get away for awhile," Catherine said.

Catherine is in Houston to help search for Vicky, and she spoke of how Vicky is a committed vegan and an enthusiastic vegan chef.

Most recently Vicky was helping in the kitchen of a raw-food restaurant in Houston.

Suddenly, she disappeared -- taking nothing with her.

"No car, no cell phone, no laptop, a majority of clothes and shoes left behind," Catherine said.

She also left her dog behind.

Catherine said maybe Vicky just wanted to "go off the grid" as she put it -- one more adventure.

Their foster brother, Paul Samford, posted on Reddit, asking for people to help look for her. And he said during a phone interview that he's always been worried about Vicky travelling alone.

"When she and I would talk about any of those kind of things, I would let her know that I didn't think that was the safest, greatest idea. But she's fearless. She's just fearless, she always has been."

And not knowing anything about Vicky's disappearance is agony for the family.

"We just want to know that you're safe and you're welcome back any time," Catherine said into the camera, beginning to cry. "I love you, okay?"

Catherine and Vicky will turn 32 on Tuesday, January 29.

Investigators in Houston are looking into everything -- people Vicky has met on her travels, possible issues with her health and medication. There is no end to online speculation about the case, but so far there is very little definitive information about what happened.

Catherine said she is convinced Vicky can survive and thrive in any adverse situation.

"One of the first things that came to mind were her survival skills," Catherine said. "My sister's the strongest person I've ever had the privilege of being close to."

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