Missing Atlanta woman seen hitchhiking toward L.A., 'disoriented'

8:34 AM, Jan 29, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- An Atlanta woman who disappeared a week ago while visiting in Houston has been spotted, according to her father in Atlanta.

The father of Victoria Moon Erickson received word Monday that Vicky is apparently disoriented and hitching rides, trying to get to Los Angeles.

It is the first sign of her since she vanished, and the first time that her family has been certain that Vicky has not been kidnapped.

But they're afraid she might be ill.

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Now they have a trail to follow to try to catch up to her and offer help to her.

When Vicky disappeared in Houston on January 21, she was in the midst of a cross-country adventure, blogging and promoting vegan diets. And when she disappeared, everything she owned was left behind in Houston -- her car, clothes, ID, phone, and her dog.

For a week no one knew where Vicky was.

But her father, William Erickson, told 11Alive News Monday night that he'd just received word that Vicky showed up at a friend's house earlier in the day, in Austin, Texas.

According to Erickson, the friend, named Yvonne, didn't know anyone was looking for Vicky, and asked Vicky where all her stuff was.  And Erickson was told that Vicky replied, "That stuff belongs to someone named Vicky, and I'm not Vicky anymore."

Erickson wonders if Vicky was just joking around, but he is worried that Vicky might have suffered some sort of breakdown.

He said Yvonne gave Vicky a ride to a truck stop, and Vicky then hitched a ride with a trucker.

Erickson said Yvonne was worried about Vicky, that Vicky was acting "manic."

He said Yvonne made sure she got the trucker's name and cell phone number.

He said Yvonne later saw a news report that Vicky's family considered her to be missing and hadn't seen her in a week.

Yvonne started making calls.

Someone reached the trucker, named Freddie, and Freddie said he had just dropped off Vicky at a truck stop in Carlsbad, New Mexico, at her request.

Her father said Vicky was telling people that she was on her way to Los Angeles, because she had a plan to strike it rich there.

According to Erickson, Yvonne told him that Vicky did not show any awareness or any signs of concern of what she was doing to her own life and to the lives of those who love her.

Earlier Monday, before Vicky's twin sister, Cat Erickson of Atlanta, found out about Vicky being seen in Austin and points west, Cat spoke of Vicky as a free-spirit.

"My sister is unpredictable, she is an adventurer and very strong, and a survivor," she said. 

Now police between Carlsbad and L.A. are on the alert, to try to catch up with Vicky, not as a possible crime victim, but simply to ask if she wants to be reunited with her family.

Tuesday is Vicky's and Cat's birthday, and Cat said Monday that the best present of all would be to find Vicky safe, and get her to accept the help the family says she needs.

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