400 sign up, 1300 show up to volunteer in Adairsville effort

4:47 PM, Feb 2, 2013   |    comments
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ADAIRSVILLE, Ga. -- There's nothing like a tornado to teach a community about the strength of nature. But another of nature's laws is that every stimulus has a response. Saturday, all of Adairsville was ready to get to work responding to the damage caused by Wednesday's tornado. At the Adairsville Church of God, they had about 400 people sign up to help volunteer.

Nearly 1300 showed up to get started. They came from several states as well as local churches and schools.  They joined thousands of others already out cleaning their community. 

"It wasn't me [underestimating,] I kept saying we're going to have 1000, we're going to have 1000," said recovery coordinator David Franklin. "There's just a spirit of volunteerism here and you just have to be proud."

The ten person teams from Adairsville Church of God planned to clean up debris at 462 pre-inspected sites with heavy damage. They also arranged for the materials to be hauled away free of charge. Many who were helped said they had no idea how they would have done it alone.

"Adairsville has always been a loving community with loving people and it's just been a blessing," said Stephanie Beasley. "Everyone's been out to help one another and I thank God for that."

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