Do you bury your head in your smart phone?

10:27 AM, Feb 5, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- It started with the Crackberry, and now most of us are hooked.

Our smart phones have become constant companions.

"It feels like everyone's so connected to their devices, including myself," said Michael Thao in Midtown Atlanta. 

We can't wait or walk or even eat without checking for a new e-mail, text or tweet.

11Alive's Jennifer Leslie used an iPhone to capture video of people with their heads glued to their smart phones at a park, in a mall and along a busy street in Midtown.

They were connected to their social network but disconnected from the world around them.

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"It kind of becomes second nature," said Giulian Garruba. "I don't even know I'm doing it."

Smart phones can be a real problem for parents. When their kids play, technology steals their attention.

"Everybody's plugged in all the time," said parent Jay Cain. "We all have our iPhones, Blackberrys, whatever. You want to look, you want to look, you want to look."

As leisure director at Dunwoody United Methodist Church, Mike Mey said it's gotten out of hand.

"You look in the stands, and everybody has their heads down," Mey said. 

So he decided to change the rules by starting "Unplugged Saturdays."

Once a month, parents have to put away their smart phones during games.

"We turn off all our devices and kick back and watch our kids like my parents did," Mey said. 

"I think it's a great idea," said parent Mandy Sandrock. "I think it's great for the kids to unplug, too. Everybody."

It's an idea that could catch on as we realize how much we're missing when we don't look up.

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