Valentine's Day Sweethearts

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  • Jerry and Melissa Walker: Married 18 years. (Courtesy Jerry Walker)
  • The four sweethearts of my life: Jennifer, Kayla, Randi and Tori Short (Courtesy Roy Short)
  • Tom and Sharon McLaughlin (Courtesy Sharon McLaughlin)
  • Chuck Rose and Melissa Kitchens: Together for four years. (Courtesy Melissa Kitchens)
  • Sharon and Gordon Brown: Me and my honey. (Courtesy Sharon Brown)
  • Charlotte and Ben (Courtesy Charlotte Ballard)
  • Norbert and Tameka Scott: My love, my friend and forever my valentine. (Courtesy Tameka Scott)
  • Julia and Don Hayes: Paradise (Courtesy Eugene Hayes)
  • Tami and Earl Williams (Courtesy Earl Williams)
  • Sheba and Silas Brown: Married 10 years!!! 2 kids and 8 foster children later! (Courtesy Sheba Brown)
  • Kevin and April Drew: Married 15 years, from Rome (Courtesy April Drew)
  • Dean and Kim Gower: I met my sweetheart, Dean, on March 10, 1986, while visiting my brother stationed at Wiesbaden Air Base in Germany. After a whirlwind romance, we were married on April 18, 1987 after only physically being with one another for a total of 2.5 months. Our families thought we were crazy! We're still going strong 27 years & 3 kids later. I adore him! (Courtesy Kim Gower)
  • Tana Glassford and David Samuel: Saluting my queen. (Courtesy David Samuel)
  • The Jacobs family: I love my sweethearts! My husband and I are celebrating our seventh anniversary. (Courtesy Maude Jacobs)
  • Johnny and Tammy Milner (Courtesy Tammy Milner)
  • Mary and James Binion (Courtest Mary Binion)
  • Mother/Daughter duo - always and forever !!!! Submitted By:Michelle from: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Me and My hubby 9 1/2 years of true love Submitted By:Amy from: Mebane NC
  • Dave and Paige Grove: Happy Valentine's Day to my husband of 10 years! You are a wonderful husband and father to our four boys. (Courtesy Paige Grove)
  • Tubashi Fussell and Brandy Wilson: My fiancee and I met volunteering with 11Alive's Call for Action team in 2004. Once Facebook came along, we reconnected in 2008. Finally one day in September 2011, I called Brandy up for a date. We are set to be married in January 2014. (Courtesy Tubashi Fussell)
  • Enjoying a family outing Submitted By:Laurie from: Peachtree City Ga
  • Serene and Marvin Smith (Courtesy Serene Smith)
  • Our family spent the evening cheering on our Clemson Tigers to a win over Georgia Tech! Submitted By:Angie from: Atlanta, GA
  • Enjoying being with my boys Submitted By:Laurie from: Peachtree City Ga
  • Sabrena and Ed Sanders (Courtesy Sabrena Sanders)
  • Chad and Kelly Woodward: My sweet husband and I. (Courtesy Kelly Woodward)
  • Bill and Sandy Williams: When we met, my wife was 10 and I was 15. We lived across the street from each other. Eight years later I came home from Vietnam and called her and said, "I have enough money to either buy a car or get married, what will it be?" She said "buy the car." A week later we were returning from visiting my mom and she said "You still want to get married?" I did, we did. It will be 45 years in July! (Courtesy Bill Williams)
  • Jay and Katie: Together for 43 years (Courtesy Katie Barnett)
  • Karen and Alberto Virola (Courtesy Karen Virola)
  • Frank and Kathleen Rudd: Enjoying our anniversary in Palm Springs. Now that's love! (Courtesy Frank Rudd)
  • Virginia Sorrells' first Valentine's Day (Courtesy Katie Sorrells)
  • Lucius and Grammy Denise (Courtesy Denise Cooper)
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