Reality Check: Small Town Security

1:50 PM, Feb 18, 2013   |    comments
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RINGGOLD, Ga. -- USA TODAY calls it "awkward and unpolished." The Los Angeles Times says it's "as far from pretty people TV as you can get."

But enough people are hooked on the Georgia-based "Small Town Security." It is now shooting a second season.

"Small Town Security" centers on Joan, chief at JJK Security and a wannabe star.

"I'm just into myself," she told 11Alive's Ted Hall when he traveled to Ringgold to visit JJK Security. "It sounds stupid, but there's a lot of money in me. Somebody's losing millions by not using me because of my comedic skills."

The show also features Irwin, Joan's husband of decades, and Chief Investigator Dennis, the woman living as a man who's in love with Joan.

"I know it's different," Irwin said of the show. "I watch TV. I've never seen anything like it."

JJK Security is a real business in Ringgold, with 25 years in operation and close to 50 employees. Brian really is the office manager. Christa really is the secretary.

The TV show is something Joan wanted, according to Irwin. "All this was my wife's idea," he said. "People came in saying, 'you're nuts, you need your own show.'"

And after watching an hour of the group just sitting around the office talking, AMC agreed.

"I was afraid at first. I didn't know how we'd be portrayed," Brian said.

No personal secret or subject is off-limits on "Small Town Security." After the first show aired, five clients fired JJK.

"It hurt us quite a bit," Joan said. "I had to take money from season one and put it in the business. But we're building back up."

Eight episodes took about five months of shooting. The crew says they are never told what to say or do, and after about a week are able to ignore the cameras.

But people aren't ignoring the show.

"We've counted hundreds of cars turning at the end of the road, too afraid to come down," Dennis said.

"Small Town Security" has made the most unlikely bunch into small town celebrities.

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