Autism 11Alive News Poll

2:15 PM, Feb 22, 2013   |    comments
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11Alive commissioned a scientific poll asking 500 people across the state of Georgia about autism.

Here are the results:

Should Georgia law require health insurance plans in the state to cover treatments for autism? Or not?
Should Require - 76%
Should Not - 15%
Not Sure - 8%

Data from other states show the cost to cover autism treatments is about 32 cents per person per month. Does knowing this make you more likely to say Georgia should require insurance plans to cover treatments for autism? Does it make you less likely to say Georgia should require plans to cover treatments? Or does it not make a difference?
More Likely - 57%
Less Likely - 9%
Does Not Make a Difference - 32%
Not Sure - 1%

Is there someone with autism in your immediate family? Is there no one in your immediate family, but someone with autism among your extended family or friends? Or do you not know anyone with autism?
Immediate Family - 8%
Extended Family / Friends - 41%
No One - 49%
Not Sure - 2%

For more detailed survey results, click here.

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