Tripp Halstead's brain infection is gone

5:53 PM, Feb 21, 2013   |    comments
Tripp Halstead (Courtesy Bill and Stacy Halstead) (Courtesy Bill and Stacy Halstead)
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WINDER, Ga. -- "We have good news!!" Tripp Halstead's mother Stacy posted on Facebook Thursday. "The neurosurgeon just came by and said the infection in his brain is gone!!! Can I get a woot woot?"

Tripp has been fighting a host of infections, including bacterial meningitis, and has undergone two unexpected surgeries within the last week.

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His mother Stacy Halstead said Tuesday's surgery caught the family by surprise. She said an infection in his spinal fluid had been improving, but doctors were concerned an external shunt designed to drain fluid was contaminated with bacteria. So he had to go under again to replace it.

"He is just so small and innocent and it breaks my heart in to pieces that he keeps having to have surgery after surgery," she posted on Tripp's Facebook page Tuesday.

"The surgery went good but he is feeling pretty bad right now," she posted later Tuesday night. Since then, she's said his fever has spiked several times.

"Our rehab dr came down and made me feel a lot better," Stacy posted Wednesday. "He said because of all the bacteria in his brain, these high fevers were to be expected and the spaced out look and quite frankly the miserable look he has because of what he is fighting in his little body. But we are still moving in the right direction. Two thumbs up for that."

Early Thursday afternoon, she posted "They will check his fluid for the next 5 to 7 days and as long as it stays clear then we can put the shunt back in. Then wait a few days to make sure that is all good and then he might come home or go back to rehab for a bit. Woot woot!!"

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More than 250,000 people around the world are following Tripp's progress on Facebook and many local businesses have hosted fundraisers for the family since Tripp was first injured by a falling tree limb at his Winder daycare in October.

This Friday, Feb. 22, Moderna Taqueria in Sandy Springs is dedicating their Grand Opening to Tripp. All proceeds from their lunch and dinner will go toward his medical treatment.

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