Resource Page: Teen Driving Education

3:30 PM, Feb 28, 2013   |    comments
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Department of Motor Vehicles
The DMV of Georgia offers an online, 3D multimedia course for $79.99.
Atlanta Metro Area: (678) 413-8400

Just Driving Training
Just Driving training teaches teen drivers based on advanced and international defensive driving principles. The course concentrates on teaching teens to "think ahead" and prepares the young driver to make the right decision in any road related emergency.
Atlanta location: (770) 363-4857 offers an online or in-car education. They have experienced driving instructors who will make sure teens are prepared for the driving test and all situations on the road.
Atlanta location: (770) 225-9930

ALFA Driving School
ALFA is a nationally accredited school that teaches teens how to stay safe. In addition to drivers ed ALFA offers defensive driving courses, 20 hour DUI risk reduction courses and court approved clinical evaluations.
Atlanta, Buckhead, Roswell location: (770) 650-7787

Georgia Learning Permit Requirements
- Applicants must be at least 15-years-old.
- Applicants must successfully passed a test consisting of road rules. 

The DDS will suspend your permit if:
- You're no longer enrolled in school.
- You drop out or are expelled.
- You miss 10 days in a row with unexcused absences.
- For serious misbehavior at school like fighting or bringing weapons or drugs.

Intermediate License Driving Requirements 
- You may only drive between 6 a.m. and midnight with an intermediate license. 
- During the first six months with your intermediate license only immediate family members can be passengers.
- During the second six months, you can add one non-family passenger under 21 years of age
- After 12 months pass with your intermediate license you can bump that number of non-family passengers up to three.

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