Million dollar bust of counterfeit goods in the West End

9:54 AM, Mar 2, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Friday night at the West End Market on Ralph David Abernathy everything must go!  

At least everything in the big black evidence bags being carried out by the Atlanta Police crime suppression unit. 

Investigators say half a dozen stores here were doing big business selling fake goods worth upwards of a million dollars. 

"We have found everything in here from tennis shoes and blue jeans, all of the designer purses, as well as all of the lines of designer clothes" said APD Capt.Stacie Gibbs. "Nikes, Air Jordans, all of the items have been counterfeited."

It was residents in the West End who told police that they were fed up with all the counterfeiters in their neighborhood. That's when APD sent in undercover agents, who hit the jackpot on high dollar knock-offs. 

"Here's thirteen Coach (bags); and I think they did those at 3-or 4 hundred dollars," counted Capt.Gibbs as she looked through the bags. "Every pair of Nike shoes they're just estimating at a hundred dollars." 

Gibbs says the real estimate would likely be triple that.   A Louis Vuitton like the one a police officer carried out of the flea market would cost $10,000 if it were real.  Here, it's about $30.  That's why re-sellers grab the fakes by the arm load. 

"I think it's important to remember that all of these items are being sold legitimately throughout Atlanta," said Capt.Gibbs. "This takes away from the businesses that are selling legitimate items and doing things the way they're supposed to."

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